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2 Email IDs

Privacy Protection

DNS Service

Domain/Mail Forwarding

Domain Theft Protection


    We will provide you a full control of your product after buy from us and you can manage or control your domain DNS record absolutely free! And also you can control your SOA, A, MX, AAAA, CNAME, NS, SRV, TXT, etc records without any extra cost.


    To protect your personal information (like name, email id, contact number, etc) publicly from publicly-accessible database like WHOIS, we can safeguard your personal information from spammers, data harvesters, etc and will never misused.


    After register a domain from our channel, you can create 2 professional email accounts with a storage capacity of 50 MB each without paying any extra cost.


    This feature allows redirecting the email address to the account you are using or you need to forward. Most of the peoples are does not use multiple email ids and this feature is quite useful to manage these types of Emails.


    You can redirect your domain visitors to any of the URL/website as per your requirement. Suppose that you have a multiple domains as per your Trade or Brand, this feature is useful for forwarding multiples domains to a single one.


    This feature provides an additional security service to secure your domain and is well known as Domain Theft Protection. This feature locks your Domain Names from unauthorized transfer.

  • 24 X 7 X 365 DAYS SUPPORT

    For any support or any service we will be available for all times (24 X 7 X 365).

.asia869 869869
.biz399 599599
.bz1339 13391339
.ca839 839839
.cc1259 12591259
.co799 17491749
.co.in119 599599
.co.uk798 798798
.com599 599599
.com.co909 909909
.de489 489489
.es469 469469
.eu469 469469
.eu.com1299 12991299
.firm.in119 599599
.gen.in119 599599
.in119 599599
.ind.in119 599599
.info549 549549
.me1469 14691469
.me.uk798 798798
.mn2609 26092609
.mobi529 11391139
.name549 549549
.net599 599599
.net.co909 909909
.nom.co909 909909
.org299 499499
.org.in119 599599
.tel899 899899
.tv1719 17191719
.uk.com2399 23992399
.uk.net2399 23992399
.us449 449449
.us.com1299 12991299
.ws619 619619
.com Commercial For any Kind of Commercially Website (No. 1 Domain Popular)
.info Information Websites with Lots of Resources and Information
.biz Business Websites of Business Types
.mobi Mobile Related to Mobile Products and Services, or Supporting Mobile Sites
.name Name For Personal Usage Websites
.net Network Relevant to Online Operations
.org Organization First and Foremost used by Non-Profit Organizations or Trade Associations
.ws Website Used for any Category of Websites
.ag Country Code: Antigua/Barbuda Occasionally used for Agricultural Sites
.am Country Code: Armenia Regularly Used for AM Radio Station
.at Representing Austria Code Country Code Austria
.de Country Code: Germany Used for Commercial and Personal Sites
.eu Country Code: European Union Used for Commercial and Personal Sites
.mn Country Code: Mongolia Use by the General Public, Companies or other Organizations
.nz Country Code: New Zealand Used for Commercial and Personal Sites
.tv Country Code: Television Primarily for Media, Primarily Video, Related Websites
.uk Country Code: United Kingdom Used for Commercial and Personal Sites
.us Country Code: USA Usually refers to US based Companies
.tel   Used to Store and Publish Contact Information
.co Columbia Open Domain (Columbia)
.me Montenegro Open Domain (Montenegro)
.ca Canada This includes Citizens, Owners of Canadian trademarks, or anyone with a Corporation/Partnership within Canada
.cc Cocos Islands Open Domain ,Cocos (Keeling) Islands
.in India For India, and is an Open Domain
.co.in Commercial Entries For Commercial Entities, India
.net.in Network Entries For Network Entities, India
.ind.in Individual For Individual, India
.org.in NonProfit Organizations For NonProfit Organizations, India
.gen.in General Use For General Use, India
.firm.in Firm or Company For Firm or Company, India



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